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What Every Business Owner Must Know Before Hiring An IT Consultant or IT Services Company

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Choosing the wrong IT Consultant or IT Services Company, to support you and your technology assets can be incredibly frustrating and expensive, and it is often riddled with unsolved problems, frequent downtime, data loss and unanswered phone calls!

This guide attempts to give you an inside into the IT industry and how you can protect yourself from appointing the wrong IT Company to serve you.

Read this guide and you will learn:

  • The secrets of the IT industry, what service providers don’t want you to ask and will never tell you
  • 20 revealing questions that will help you sift out unethical or incompetent IT Consultants
  • 4 costly misconceptions most business owners have about IT maintenance and management, all of which are designed to save YOU, the business owner, money and time
  • 5 mistakes to avoid when appointing an IT Consultant or IT Services Company
  • Why “cheap” and “lowest price” isn’t the bargain they always seem to be