Office 365 is now used by over half the offices on the planet. This isn’t surprising since the standards – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – have been a mainstay in offices since personal business computers first came on the scene in the 1990s. But, how many of those offices are using Office 365 to it’s fullest?

We’re all familiar with the office productivity power of those four key Microsoft Office programs, but many companies using Office 365 aren’t fully aware of the customer service benefits that this cloud-hybrid offers to businesses.

We help companies in Singapore get more out of their technology and reap the rewards of using cloud-based solutions, like Office 365. Our Managed IT Asia cloud technicians pride themselves on ensuring our clients know all the features that can power their business, not just the obvious ones.

When Office 365 was introduced, it contained multiple collaborative tools to connect and empower your staff. But, did you know that those same tools can also be used to take your customer service several steps above that of your competition? Read on for Managed IT Asia’s Office 365 Power Moves for superior customer support!

How to Use Office 365’s Collaboration for Superior Customer Experience

Customer experience is about to overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. This metric is expected to be the one that’s most important to consumers by 2020. 86% of buyers will pay more for great customer service. (SuperOffice) Here are some excellent ways to leverage your Office 365 subscription for your customer support department.

1. Use Microsoft Teams for Customer Dedicated Chat

Microsoft Teams is a platform that allows you to more fluidly communicate and share files within your organization via chat channels, avoiding multiple less efficient back and forth emails. You can also use this communication tool with those outside your organization. By setting up guest access for a customer, you can create a dedicated chat channel for a particularly large client, for a specific project, or create a technical support channel and grant access to multiple clients. Providing real-time, chat-based support with the team members they know (rather than just a general website chat), takes your customer support to a whole other level.

2. Create Personalized Online Portals with SharePoint

How would your customers like the convenience of their own online ordering or product information portal? Instead of having to sift through all your product data sheets or brochures, their custom page would have just the ones their company uses, so they can easily get what they need. Their online ordering form would have their company prices already in place for the specific products they buy from you regularly. If you have Office 365, you don’t have to be a large enterprise corporation to make that type of personalized web portal for your clients, SharePoint makes it easy. It has a team website platform meant for information sharing, but it can also be used to make customer-facing sites that can contain information pertinent to their organization only.

3. Easy Video and Audio Conferences

If you can’t fly across the world to meet with your client in person, do it virtually with Skype for Business, one of the valuable applications that comes with Office 365. You can connect via high-quality audio and video that allow multiparty sessions and can be used on a desktop or mobile devices. Some of the key features that will enhance your customer communications include:

  • Adaptive audio codec that allows smooth calls even with varying bandwidth conditions
  • Network quality indicator
  • Active speaker option
  • Instant messaging
  • Screen sharing

4. Share Files Easily in OneDrive

Do you ever run into file-sharing frustration when an organization’s email system either blocks or routes an important message to spam and your customer never receives it? The back and forth with tricky mail systems can cause your client to have a less than happy experience. You can make file sharing much easier by using OneDrive. OneDrive is the cloud-based file storage and sharing app that is included with Office 365 subscriptions. You can easily share a link for your client to download a file, or if you have several files to share with them, make the process seamless by sharing a specific folder that they can easily access to download the files. Quick, easy, and frustration-free!

5. Make Booking Appointments Easier for Your Customers

Would you like to make appointment booking more fluid and eliminate the back and forth of trying to land on the right time for a meeting? Outlook allows you to create shared calendars that those outside your organization can access. This makes scheduling a better experience for your customers because they can see exactly what days and times are available then choose the one that best fits their needs quickly and easily.

6. Mobile-Friendly Means Faster Response Times

Office 365 is accessible from any device and is designed to be mobile friendly. This means it’s easier for your team to get to their emails, Microsoft Team chats, and Skype no matter where they are. That mobile capability means your customers receive a response to their needs faster.

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