Outsourcing your IT needs and requirements in Singapore?

Allows us to deliver an agile and flexible service, which can be custom-tailored to all your business needs.

We design our outsourcing IT services to be modular, assisting our clients to align their IT functions to their core business requirements.

Being a local IT outsourcing service, our team strives to relieve your IT team and staff from the day-to-day maintenance activities, allowing them to focus on delivering strategic value to your business.

By subscribing to our IT Outsourcing Service:

  • We assist to keep your business systems running optimally
  • We Manage, We Monitor, We Support
  • Reduce your operation cost by up to 35%
  • Reduce your business risks by investing in services and not ever-changing technologies
  • Provide you with immediate access to knowledge experts
  • Resolve your IT recruitment concerns
  • Deliver flexibility and scalability to grow your business
  • Deliver outsourced services via a fixed and robust Service Level Agreement, ensuring timely, efficient and effective access to well-trained and experienced professionals.
  • Deliver the required services via a fixed monthly invoice, with no bill shocks
  • Provision of expertise to build and develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans


Finding the right outsourcing team might be difficult but we will do our best address all your concerns
Let us be your partner and make us part of your business today!
Contact us via the following web form, drop us an email at or give us a call at +65 6748 8776.


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