Is Cloud Computing just a hype?
How does Cloud Computing affect you, the Small Business Owner?
Are there any Cloud Computing services that might be beneficial to your Small Business?


It is clear that Cloud Computing has brought about a number of significant changes as to how services has been delivered. Anyone that dismisses Cloud Computing should do so at his/her own peril. Cloud Computing is here for the long-term and is definitely not a hype that is easily dismiss-able.

So how should a Small Business owner approach Cloud Computing?
What investments should be made?

For our clients, prospective clients, the Small Business owner, our advice has been simple and consistent:

Cloud Computing is a technological term. What a Small Business owner needs to concentrate on is the solution – Cloud Solutions. One needs to evaluate each Cloud Solution based on its benefits. Every Cloud Solution should INCREASE productivity and REDUCE capital/operating expenses before they can be considered as a beneficial solution.

To make the best cloud investment, a Small Business owner should work with a trusted resource, understanding all aspects of the Cloud Solution before taking the plunge. Like any investment, one needs to be well-informed of both the benefits and pitfalls before making an informed decisions.

Many of our existing clients have engaged us on their Cloud Solution-ing initiatives where we were able to

  • Offer a realistic view of the Cloud Solution
  • Ensure that all stake-holders understand the benefits and pitfalls
  • Discuss the decrease in Capital Expenditure (Capex)
  • Discuss the increase in Operating Expenses (OpEx)
  • Provide our advice and experience in deployment
  • Formulate a deployment plan


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    Embracing new technology may not be easy but if done correctly, it can be extremely beneficial.
    Let us be your partner and make us part of your Cloud Solution selection process.
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