Are you still relying on break/fix IT support?
You are wasting downtime
Downtime = Money = YOU ARE LOSING MONEY!
If you are frustrated with break/fix IT support, we’ve got the answers.

Monday morning, you walk into office with your cup of fragrant coffee,
all ready to start a big week ahead.

This is going to be GREAT week, you tell yourself as you enter the door.

You walk up to your desk, take out your laptop, start it up
but in seconds realize that the company server isn’t responding.

What! Why server not found !!???!!!

You call out to your colleagues and they are all saying the same.

Yikes! Server is down!

No company files, no company database.
How to quote and answer client queries.
This is going downhill fast.
You walk over to the server, depress the power button,
lights start flashing and …
and … that’s it, error screen pops-up.

Server is dead!

What’s next?
You know your clients will be calling in the next few minutes
but the server is down.
You cannot get access to your files
No one can get access to the database
No pricing info, no stock status, no delivery schedule

Yikes! This is bad, this is a disaster.

Frantically, you whip out your mobile but who do you call?
You soon realize


You start searching the internet to find which IT support provider can come
NOW … like NOW, IN 2 MINUTES! 

Is this you? Can your business survive in a situation like this?
How could your clients view you? What excuses do you give your clients?

If you value your business and your clients, you need something better …
… and we’ve got the solution for you!

As Small Businesses embrace the use of technology, we need a solution that would provide our clients with complete holistic care for their business technology.  Being reactive is no longer sufficient. Businesses can no longer suffer long downtime. Every hour downtime expands into lost productivity, lost man-hours and lost business.

ManagedIT.SG’s Managed IT Services Program is a fully managed IT service 

We Manage, We Monitor, We Support – We take care of your business technology as if its our own.

As a company and as a service team, we believe strongly in the fundamentals of prevention. As such, our solutions are always tailored around the principle of:

ProActive Preventive Measures + Unlimited ReActive Support

With this, we tie our business performance to your downtime, to the number of times you call us for service.

You call us once to report a problem, our engineer gets to work and it costs us engineering-hours.
You call us twice, our engineer gets to work and it costs us engineering-hours.
You call us thrice, four times, five times …
The more you call, the more work we have to do and the more engineering-hours we have to spend.
So, if we can solve all your problems BEFORE you call us, then we get less calls and less work!
Which means, we need to prevent you from calling us.

How do we prevent you from calling us?

We just need to make sure that your server, your computers, your internet, your email are all working as they should.
If we do all that, you don’t have a reason to call us anymore!
And what if we don’t?
Sigh, then we get more work and my engineers have to pour in more hours to get things fixed.
Doesn’t make business sense for us.
So the key is making sure and doing everything we can, to ensure that your server, your computers, your internet, your email are all working fine and working as they should.

Less downtime = Less work for us = Improved Business For You!

How our team works and why so many Small Businesses depend on us


Monitoring and Management

We monitor and we manage. Monitoring and Management forms a large part of the preventive activities that we do to prevent failures and downtime.

Unlimited Support

While our IT service philosophy is to be proactive, but in times that you require our assistance, we provide unlimited telephone, email, remote and on-site support. We have you covered always.

Flat Fee Billing

A flat monthly fee allows for a predictable IT budget and no surprise billings. Pro-Active and Re-Active, covered.

Size Does Not Matter

No matter the size of your business, we will be on-hand to support your technology needs, We can be your only IT resource or we can work hand-in-hand with to complement your existing IT team. We are ready to help, ready to protect, ready to serve.

Single Point of Contact

We will be your single point of contact for all your business technology needs. Support? Advice? Latest trends? We will be a phone call away. Consider us as an extension of your business or an existing of your existing in-house IT resource.

What you get under our Managed IT Services Program (Highlights)

Pro-Active Preventive Measures
  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring
  • OS Security Patch Management
  • AV Updates & Patch Management
  • Hardware Health Status Checks
  • Monthly Reports
Unlimited Re-Active Support
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Unlimited On-Site Support
  • Enhanced Response Time for Critical Faults
  • Guaranteed SLA

What you get under our Managed IT Services Program (All The Details)


24×7 monitoring of managed equipment
Unlimited case and incidence reporting
Unlimited telephone, email, remote and on-site support
Dedicated, assigned Service Consultant
Dedicated, assigned Technology Coordinator
Active Preventive Maintenance
Performance Report and Review once every quarter

Network Management

Internet Connectivity Management and Support
Network Connectivity Management and Support
Network Printer Management and Support
Wireless Connectivity Management and Support
Router Advanced Optimization
Router Management and Support
Router Memory Optimization
Router Patch Management
Firewall Advanced Optimization
Firewall Management and Support
Firewall Memory Optimization
Firewall Patch Management
VPN Management and Support

General Client Services Management

Annual Technology Review
Best Practices Review
Disaster Recovery Review
Technology Review
Client Documentation (Server)
Client Documentation (Network)
Client Documentation (Workstation)
Server Inventory
Network Inventory
Workstation Inventory
Temp/Loaner Equipment Setup and Configuration
Purchasing Assistance (Recommendation and Advice)
Project Planning
Hardware Asset Management
Software Asset Management
Hardware Fault Identification
Hardware Fault Rectification
Hardware Asset Management
Smart Phone Management (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
Updates / Upgrades / Add-Ons / Patches

Server Management

Backup Management, Monitoring and Support
DHCP Management, Monitoring and Support
Disk Space Management and Monitoring
File Sharing Permission Management and Support
Print Queue Management and Support
Security Management and Support
Service Availability Management and Monitoring
UPS Management, Monitoring and Support
User Account Management and Support
Operating System Management and Support
Operating System Advanced Optimization
Operating System Memory Optimization
Operating System Patch Management
Event Log Management and Monitoring
Log File Management and Monitoring
Database Server Management, Monitoring and Support
Email Server Management, Monitoring and Support
Proxy Server Management, Monitoring and Support
Web Server Management, Monitoring and Support
Accounting Server Management, Monitoring and Support
ERP Server Management, Monitoring and Support

Workstation Management

Anti-Spy-ware Application Management and Support
Anti-Virus Application Management and Support
Email Access Management and Support
Desktop Printing Management and Support
Operating System Advanced Optimization
Operating System Management and Support
Desktop Application Management and Support
Desktop Management and Support
Microsoft ® Office Application Management and Support
Operating System Memory Optimization
Operating System Patch Management
Desktop Advanced Optimization
Desktop Application Patch Management
Desktop Memory Optimization
Microsoft ® Office Application Patch Management
Existing User Profile Management and Support
New User Profile Management and Support

3rd Party & External Vendor Management

Internet Service Provider Support
Internet Service Provider Liaison and Management
Third Party Hardware Installation Support
Third Party Hardware Vendor Liaison
Third Party Hardware Warranty Liaison

Our Clients – They trust us with their technology needs!

Abacus Asia Wealth Management
CCL Design
Architects Vista
CleanEarth Technologies
Bartec Asia
Chem Trend
China Everbright

Connell Bros
Creative Mind Design
Exedy Corporation
Getz Bros
Ghim Cheong Enterprises

JCS Group
Lian Cheong Hardware
Goldenlink Auto
Hitachi Capital
KL Koh
Kwan Yong Construction

Robust International
Nanyang Institute of Management
National University of Singapore
Phillip Capital
Meyado Private Wealth Management
MLA Special Events
Muhammadiyah Association
Nanyang Polytechnic

Singapore History Consultants
SPX Hydraulic Technologies
Visit Britain
Wan Sern Metal Industries
Wharton Preschool
WPG Systems
Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore University of Social Sciences
Temasek Polytechnic

We will keep your business technology patched

We will keep your business technology updated

We will keep your business technology monitored

We provide UNLIMITED support when things do go wrong

We will give you a report at the end of the month

We will sit-down with you every quarter for technology reviews and guidance

Now, that complete coverage.

Pro-Active Preventive Measures and Unlimited Re-Active Support!

Don’t wait until IT problems cost you more money and frustration.
Contact us via the following web form or give us a call at +65 6748 8776.
We look forward to starting a relationship with you.

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