The year is nearly over and these last few weeks are when small business owners plan for the year ahead. There’s nothing like that blank slate of a new year to get a team excited about what the future holds.

So, how do you make sure you’re prepared to start the new year off with everything you need to prosper? Making smart technology decisions now, can set you up for success in 2019.

One of the end-of-year tasks we help our managed small business IT clients with is purchasing and budgeting for the coming year. It’s the perfect time to take stock of what your IT needs are and what is working or not working for your technology infrastructure.

Technology can make a big difference for any type of company, especially small businesses. It can either hamper them and become a roadblock or accelerate their growth and help them shine.

IT is both the backbone of a business and something that’s always evolving, so the most successful companies take time to evaluate and update where needed.

It’s not too late to plan for a banner year. Use our tips for end-of-year IT purchases and budgeting to help you start next year off right.

Smart Business Tips for IT Budgeting & Year-End Purchases

When our IT Outsourcing Team is working with small business owners and helping them choose their hardware and business applications wisely, productivity is key. We look for areas of their staff’s workflow that lag or could use improvement.

Employees that believe their workplace effectively uses mobile technology are more creative, satisfied, and productive at work. (The Economist)

Making good IT decisions for the coming year can have a huge positive impact on your employees, customers, and your bottom line. Here are our 7 tips for end-of-year IT purchases and budgeting.

Ask Staff about Their Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc…)

Something like changing out an older computer mouse for a newer one with better scrolling options or replacing a keyboard with a sticky key, might seem like a small thing. But it’s something that can make a big positive impact in an employee’s workday, and thus for your business.

Check with your employees to see what they need and plan to make one peripheral purchase at once, which may get you a discount, rather than piecemeal throughout the year.

Look at Ways to Reduce Unneeded Applications

How many applications does your company use on a daily basis? Many companies start out with just a few, but they end up increasing over time, until you’ve got different apps (and subscriptions) for:

  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Help Desk
  • ITTT (automation)
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Chat Communication
  • Word Processing/Spreadsheets
  • Social Media/Emailing
  • (and the list goes on)

When planning next year’s budget, take a hard look at the applications you’re using to see if there are any redundancies.

Consider the Cloud

Are you still working with QuickBooks desktop or Microsoft Office offline? You might find that using the cloud-based versions of those applications not only saves you money but can also greatly increase mobility with the ability to access your app from any device, anywhere. Consider upgrading to cloud computing applications for the new year to transform your office.

Reduce Unexpected IT Costs

Getting hit with unbudgeted IT costs out of the blue can be a drain on any small business. Get a handle on your IT costs by signing up for Managed IT Services. This puts you in control of your technology budget with a fixed monthly expense, rather than being surprised with unexpected costs.

You’ll also find that with the proactive nature of having an IT pro like ManagedIT on your side, costly downtime is greatly reduced, and security and peace of mind are significantly increased.

Consider an Internet-Based Phone System (VoIP)

In this day and age, VoIP phone systems sound just like landline-based phones, but the savings for a small business can be 50%-75%. VoIP phones for business also have all the “bells and whistles” of large enterprise phone systems, so besides saving money, your company will also appear larger to clients and leads calling in.

VoIP systems are fast to set up and have the advantage of being able to be used from any internet connected device, so your phones go where you go.

Get a Handle on Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is becoming commonplace in offices around the world. The work of the desktop computer is now being shared by smartphones and tablets.

End of year is an excellent time to discuss and plan for this transformation and make decisions on mobile technology purchases, including:

  • Mobile business apps
  • Mobile devices for staff
  • Mobile device management software

Look at Smart Gadgets & Automation

The biggest trend in business technology is automation, and smart gadgets are designed for it. How much time can you save with automated locks and lighting that know just when to close up for the night?

Smart homes aren’t the only ones benefitting from voice activated assistants that can trigger task automations, they’re also an excellent way to automate your office.

Looking for Some Expert Tech Advice?

ManagedIT can help you with your year-end IT evaluation and budgeting for next year. We’ll help you streamline to reduce redundancies, save time and money, and anticipate your technology needs for the year ahead.

Give us a call or contact us today at +65 6748 8776 for a free consultation.

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