One major decision that many small businesses face at some point is whether to take care of their computers and technology in-house or to use a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Technology has become the backbone of just about every type of business, so keeping it running smoothly is vital.

When businesses first start out, they usually try to reduce costs by doing their IT management in an ad hoc way, just taking care of issues themselves as they come up, but not really having a master IT plan.

Even as companies grow, they may bring on in-house IT support staff, thinking it means they’re taking better care to keep their technology running efficiency… but is it really better?

Our Business Support Team at ManagedIT often gets contacted by companies that tried to go it alone and ended up with a major disaster on their hands. We take a proactive approach and not only fix problems, but help companies with an IT strategy to make their business grow and prosper.

They also end up saving money!


96% of business professionals say Managed IT services save them money


In a Computing Technology Industry Association poll, business professionals were asked how they manage their IT and why. Of the 46% that relied on MSPs, nearly all of them (96%) said it reduced their IT costs.

Let’s take a look at in-house vs Managed IT Services and the pros and cons of each.


Pros and Cons of In-House IT Management

Software companies have made many programs simpler to use over the years, so it’s easy to see why businesses may think doing their IT in-house wouldn’t be too difficult. They also may like the flexibility of having their own staff handle issues at a moment’s notice.

But, security and virus issues tend to be more complex and plug-and-play software doesn’t always protect a company from a costly data breach.

Here are the pluses and minuses to consider with an in-house IT department.

Pro: Immediate service

It’s convenient to have someone just down the hall that can take care of a computer issue at a moment’s notice. If a new employee needs training or the main internet hub goes down, you have staff that can handle things right away, reducing disruption and downtime.

Con: Might Be Shorthanded

When you have a limited number of in-house IT staff, if one or more is out sick or on vacation, you could end up short handed and not have the coverage you need to fix an immediate issue.

Pro: Knowledge of Your Company

Having staff that knows your business inside and out because they work there every day is a benefit. In-house staff can tailor every IT decision to meet your company needs and game-plan for the future.

Con: Less Depth of Knowledge

In most cases, in-house IT staff can’t know everything and may not be up to date on the latest malware and viruses hitting the web. You have a more limited depth of knowledge to tackle your computer and network issues with in-house IT.

Pro: Double Duty

If you’re a smaller business, you might not need someone doing IT full time, so you could have someone that does your IT and double duty in another position at the same time.

Con: Double Duty

Having someone only work on your IT ad hoc when trouble arises and is responsible for another position as well is also a negative. It’s much easier for security patches or other IT maintenance to get put off because they’re focusing on other work, all while you think everything is handled.


Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT Managed Services

Hiring a well-respected IT company who’s top in their field, like ManagedIT, doesn’t mean you’ll be paying more for your technology management, you can actually get better service for less overall cost.

Many Managed Service Providers also have tiered plans meant to fit any size business from start-up to well established.

Here are some pros and cons to consider with outsourced managed IT services.

Pro: Consistent, Available Service

You don’t have to worry about someone being out sick when a computer issue arises with an MSP. They have a deep bench of trained and experienced technicians that are there when you need them and offer both on-site and remote support.

Con: Response Time May Be Longer

If you have an issue that can’t be fixed via remote support, then you may have to wait slightly longer for an outside IT company to drive to your premises.

Pro: Superior Knowledge Base

You gain an advantage by having access to the various experts employed by your IT service provider who may specialize in things like GDPR and data privacy compliance. By working with multiple other businesses an outsourced MSP can bring that experience to you, offering suggestions for more productive apps and IT workflows.

Con: You May Need to Shop Around

While most providers of Managed IT Services take pride in their work and make it a point to form long-term, trusted relationships, not everyone does. So, you may need to shop around and do your homework to make sure you’re going to get excellent support.

Pro: Cost Savings

The biggest benefit that companies point to after switching to an MSP for their IT needs is the cost savings. You don’t need to pay a salary, benefits, or employee taxes or other costs, instead, you pay a monthly fee that you can adjust up or down anytime to meet your needs.


Which is Better? The Verdict

Companies that come to ManagedIT tell us they are so glad that they did. They are thrilled with the cost savings, excellent services, and ability to sleep soundly at night knowing their IT and data security is in good hands.
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