Technology Health Check

For all prospective clients who want to put us to the test

As a prospective customer,
we would like to offer you a FREE Technology Health Check


It is our way of introducing you to the ManagedIT team, introducing you to how we conduct our business and most importantly, for us to come in and try to identify if there are issues in your technology assets that maybe affecting day to day performance.


What is done in the FREE technology health check?

During the technology health check, we will:

  • Review your backup procedures to ensure that they are sound and adhere to best practices
  • Review your network security practices which may include the firewall, remote access, security patches etc.
  • Review any hardware status (disk space, overall performance, hardware ageing)
  • Check for security updates and patches to your technology assets
  • Review your antivirus/antispam management practices


How do we this?

Simple steps really …

  • Complete the following web form to indicate your interest
  • Let us call you back to work out a mutually agreeable schedule
  • We visit your office at the agreed date/time
  • We run a automatic discovery of your hardware and software assets
  • We collect and analyse the data that we have collected
  • We produce a customized report for your technology assets
  • We sit you down and conduct a review session, sharing with you our findings and advise on a plan of action


Any terms and conditions?

We would love to dispense with the need for any T&Cs but unfortunately, there are some minimum requirements that we need you to adhere to. Specifically, none of which should create any road-blocks. If any of these are of concern to you, please let us know and we might be able to work something out.

  • There is absolutely no requirement for any purchase for this FREE technology health check
  • In event there is a plan for follow-up action, you can choose to do this with a service provider of your choice
  • The offer for the FREE technology health check is restricted to Singapore based businesses only
  • The business must have at least 8 workstations
  • If the business has multiple sites, a single site must be selected for the technology health check
  • If the selected site has more than 15 workstations, a sample of 15 workstations will be selected at random
  • We will require access to the client workstations, servers and network during the technology health check and will appreciate if prior arrangements can be made for access to these assets
  • One FREE technology health check per calendar year, per business
  • ManagedIT reserves the right to decline the provision of a FREE technology health check at its own discretion


Ready to claim your FREE technology health check?

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