It is not uncommon for a new business just starting out to try to cut costs where ever they can to keep overhead low.

One of the ways they do this is by calling for IT help only when something goes wrong, rather than having their tech regularly maintained. But is this really the most cost-effective way?

While you may think you’re saving money by holding off on repairs until they’re needed, it could mean much higher costs over the course of a year because of more severe IT service issues.

Break/Fix services are those emergency repairs to devices or parts of your technology infrastructure call in only when something goes down, and they are generally urgent and more expensive. Whereas Managed IT Services take a proactive, long-term approach to the health of your technology infrastructure, catching maintenance issues before they cause an outage and giving you a predictable monthly cost.

When we work with new small business clients, they often find that they are saving money by switching to a Managed IT Services Plan rather than just fixing things when they break. One of the biggest hidden costs of the break/fix way of doing things is the productivity loss due to downtime. The average cost of unplanned downtime for Singapore businesses is $463,000. 

Forty-five percent of companies in Singapore have reported experiencing unplanned downtime within the last year. The costs quickly add up in lost business and productivity the longer your company’s IT infrastructure is down, making an ongoing maintenance plan a more attractive option.

Break/Fix vs Managed IT Services

In order to do a comparison of the two IT service options, let’s first go over what comes with Managed IT Services, so you’ll have a base of understanding of the benefits you get. While each provider may offer slightly different benefits with their packages, we’ll tell you what you receive when working with Managed IT Asia.

What Benefits Do I Get with a Managed IT Service Plan?

  • Monitoring & Management of All IT Systems
  • Unlimited IT Support (email, phone, remote, on-site)
  • Flat Fee Billing
  • OS Security Patch Management
  • AV Updates & Patch Management
  • Hardware Health Status Checks
  • Monthly Reports
  • Dedicated Service & Technology Consultants
  • Workstation, Server, and Network Management
  • 3rdParty & External Vendor Management

Now, let’s get into the key differences between break/fix services and Managed IT Services.

Long-Term Technology Benefits

When you’re only calling a vendor when something breaks and don’t have an ongoing relationship with them, they’re there only for the urgent care of that single problem. So, you’re not getting advice on network management tools that could make your office more efficient, or other security or productivity enhancements. With a Managed IT Services Plan, your IT provider is like an extended IT support staff at your company. They have a vested interest in the health and success of your business, and because they’ll become very familiar with your operations while doing regular maintenance, they’ll be able to suggest improvements and enhancements that can truly benefit your day-to-day operations.

Unpredictable vs Predictable Costs

When you’re just using break/fix services, then you never know when you’re going to get hit with an expensive technology bill. Costs are unpredictable and you have no advance warning of a major outage. Managed IT Services are proactive by nature, they’re designed to ward off any major issues before they happen. You have a predictable monthly cost that covers not only your IT management but also all your tech support. And your IT provider can warn you well ahead of time if a system will need replacement so you can plan for it in your budget.

Security & Data Breach Protection

The security of your network is important, with data breaches occurring more frequently and carrying high costs that include downtime, loss of productivity, data privacy fines, and loss of customer trust. If you’re hoping a breach doesn’t happen but not actively engaged in monitoring your network, it’s only a matter of time before you become a data breach victim. With Managed IT Security Services, you have peace of mind that experts are keeping an eye on your network 24/7, updating all security patches in a timely manner and protecting you from viruses, malware, and other threats.

Equipment Lifespan

Just like you do certain maintenance to your home or vehicle to help prevent damage or breakdowns, the same should be true of your IT infrastructure, which can include workstations, servers, networking cables, and more. If you’re only fixing your IT hardware when it breaks, it’s most likely going to have a shorter lifespan. But if you keep it maintained and managed properly, you can add years to the life of your hardware, saving you money.

Ongoing Tech Support

How many times is someone in your office hung up on an IT question each week? When you only use a provider for break/fix services, then calling for support can be costly, so staff are often left struggling with tech issues that are slowing them down. When you sign up for a Managed Services Plan with ManagedIT, all your support is included free, and it’s unlimited. That means you can call us, email us, ask us to help remotely or on-site, and get the immediate tech help you need, when you need it.

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