Gone were the days when the impact on your business would have been minimal, when spam was merely an annoyance. Unfortunately, spam has grown into an aggressive threat, making its mark by using sophisticated attacks and rapidly evolving techniques. It is no longer just a random electronic junk mail but it is putting a costly strain on your business resources.

How Does Spam Impact Your Business

Spam now contains malware with hackers sending cleverly disguised emails to your business. Once the spam has been clicked by an employee, it will infect your computer system (virus) or steals your private data (phishing). The malware can then spread across the entire computer network and beyond. The very fact that your employees has to pause and scrutinize every single link and attachment will only add on hours of lost productivity. Once in a while, spam can be so convincing that only an expert would be able to visually identify it. In addition, employees are also more likely to miss an important email, either not seeing it arrive at the same time when a spam attacks or become overwhelmed with numerous of emails.

How Can Anti-Spam Save Your Business

1. Block threats: Purpose of the spam filter is to block the spam from reaching the screens of your employees. The threat is automatically picked up and either held securely or immediately deleted. This is the best way to  avoid activating spam malware as it is so easy just to click through links in an email that may seem authentic and important. The effects of that one tiny spam click may be instantaneous or may lie hidden for months. Removing the email before it becomes a risk is definitely a good option.

2. Filter legitimate emails: Real mails need to be able to stand out and avoid being trashed. Anti-spam filtering has sophisticated recognition abilities which will block only spam while allowing allow real mails to arrive safely in the mailboxes.

3. Meet data regulations: Many businesses are subject to strict privacy and data storage regulations, some more so than others. To continue operations, they have to meet certain conditions including always using spam filtering to reduce the risk of data breaches.

4. Protect your business reputation: You can see how uncomfortable the CEOs are when they hold press  conferences to admit a breach. They have to acknowledge that they failed to protect client data. Not only will they face financial loss, but their business reputation is at stake. Anti-spam filtering can help ensure these scenarios do not happen to you. Filtering has come a long way in recent years with complex algorithms in identifying spam before it becomes a risk to any business. Real emails can now pass through safely without the classic catchcry of ‘check the spam folder’ and businesses can also work with greater productivity. You need emails but definitely not spam nor the disaster it may bring to your business.

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