Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) help businesses take a proactive approach to managing their technology without the expense of hiring an in-house IT team. Your MSP is essentially a collection of niche technology experts working behind the scenes to keep your technology and data safe, generate solutions to your IT problems and keep your software updated.

In changing times, even larger businesses whom already have IT staff on their payroll would also often call in an MSP when daily support becomes overwhelming or a specific skill set is required.

Let us now explore 5 specific business breakthroughs that a Managed IT Service Provider can give you:

1. Cost-Effective:
Budgeting for IT and responding to calls for support on a break/fix basis can quickly exhaust your IT budget. All it takes is one major outage/outbreak and your entire’s year budget could be down the drain. An MSP works by getting ahead of the problems before they occur. Because they are paid a fixed monthly fee to manage your technology, it is in their best interest to keep your technology up-to-date, running smoothly and properly protected against costly security breaches. Instead of calling for support at a high hourly rate, which might at best get you a quick-fix solution, why not invest in a solution with a fixed predictable monthly fee.

2. Access to Multiple Subject Matter Experts:
Businesses usually end up adding extra tasks to unqualified but enthusiastic employee workload. While this practice is common, this usually results in aggravating the issue, resulting in a more costly resolution. With MSPs, you have immediate access to subject matter experts and your existing staff can focus on tasks within their skill set and their job descriptions.

3. Quick Problem Resolution:
Downtime and business operations don’t mix. Your MSP will be able to provide a support team on-call whenever your require assist and support. This on-call support will be familiar with your environment and set-up thereby cutting down unnecessary fact-finding, resulting in more rapid problem resolution and rectification. Familiarity with the environment is a huge plus against the traditional break/fix option. As MSPs are ultimately businesses in their own right, it is to their own advantage to be able to solve issues in a timely fashion.

4. Fewer Problems:
A large part of the MSP service is to fix problems before they happen. Technology needs to be patched and updated. MSPs take an active role in patching, updating and overall management of the technology to keep it running at its optimal. Waiting for technology to break before fixing it isn’t the worse IT management strategy, it just means that you are suffering downtime, enduring productivity losses and generally losing money by the minute. Your MSP’s primary goal is to ensure that the technology is kept patched, updated and monitored to prevent breakdowns. Not only that, MSPs play a proactive role in ensuring that your technology is kept safe and secure, closing breach points and vulnerabilities, keeping you and your business safe.

5. Shared Responsibilities:
As your business grows, so will your IT and Technology requirements. A good MSP will be able to future-proof your investments, adjusting and advising as you go. Your MSP doesn’t just do the monitoring and support – they have a shared responsibility for managing the technology powering your business. This means measuring, reporting, analyzing, optimizing, advising and working with you the business owner on upgrades, replacements, and the introduction of new emerging technologies to improve your business competitiveness and retain an edge against your competitors.

Depending on the level of contracted services between you and your MSP, your MSP is sometimes a catalyst for growth. They have as much as stake in the well-being of your business as you have.

With Managed IT Service Providers, your business will always have maximum security against threats, downtime and productivity inefficiencies. For the savvy business owner, MSPs are a good way to leverage on external expertise and cutting-edge technologies with complete peace of mind and on-going support.

Start building your relationship with your Managed IT Service Provide today. Great businesses don’t just rely on IT support, they have a whole eco-system supporting them. Talk to your MSP today!

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