Approximately 90% of businesses are using cloud services and as of 2019, 60% of company workloads were based in the cloud.

Small businesses have seen some of the biggest benefits from cloud solutions through lower operational costs and increased operational capabilities. They’ve been able to tap into tools like marketing automation and collaborative interfaces to move their business forward faster.

Fully virtual businesses have also sprung up thanks to cloud capabilities, allowing entrepreneurs to realize their dreams without a large cash outlay needed for office space.

A big driver in the cloud revolution has been Microsoft, whose Office 365 cloud platform has over 200 millionactive monthly users. Now that cloud service adoption is reaching nearly 100%, they’ve released another tool that looks like it’s also going to have a transformative impact on small businesses in Singapore and the rest of the world.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) represents the cutting of the last cord that users had to a physical workstation. It’s a cloud hosted windows desktop that can be accessed by any device and holds all the information (files, software, settings) that are usually stored on your main computer workstation.

On September 30, 2019, Microsoft announced that the Windows Virtual Desktop was available worldwide.

Virtualization and virtual desktops have been around for a few years, but it was only recently that Microsoft entered the arena with WVD, which promises to lead the movement to complete office technology virtualization.

The Advantages of Migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop

For many businesses that have been considering desktop virtualization, Windows Virtual Desktop removes the fear of the unknown because their cloud solutions are so well known and used by millions.

WVD is the only service delivering simplified management and a multi-session Windows 10 experience, including the ability to deploy and scale Windows desktops and apps on Azure in just minutes.

Why consider switching from physical desktops to virtual ones? Here are several advantages that small businesses can enjoy with a move to WVD.

Access Workstations from Anywhere

Have you ever gone on a business trip and had to take a laptop with you wishing you could instead bring your main computer workstation with all your data, programs, and settings on it?

Using Windows Virtual Desktops solves that problem by allowing you to take your computer with you anywhere because it’s hosted in the cloud.

Your team can access their main workstation from any computer or mobile device and have all their necessary data and programs whenever they need them.

Improves Business Continuity

In the case of a major disaster such as flooding or a fire at your office, you could lose all your workstations and the data they hold. Even if you have a backup, you still will experience downtime as you work to procure new devices and go through a data restoration process.

Using virtual desktops, your workstations stay intact with no disruption when it comes to computer and software access even in the event of damage to your physical office.

Using WVDs allow your team to keep your operations running from alternate locations during the restoration process, and you don’t have to worry about data replacement.

Lowers Hardware Costs

When you have multiple computers to buy for your office and they all need a certain amount of storage and processing power, it can be expensive when it’s time to upgrade.

With WVD, all your storage and processing needs are taken care of by the Azure cloud environment, so the actual hardware you’re using to access the desktop can have limited specifications since it’s being used for access only. This means your overall computer hardware costs are less.

Save Time on PC Administration

When it comes time to deploy new software or provision a computer to a new employee, using virtual desktops makes administration much easier and less time-consuming because it can all be handled from a single administrative console.

Just consider the act of changing a computer between a former and new employee:

  • Old Way: A former employee’s computer has to be backed up and then all data deleted. Programs have to be added according to their job description, and new email, etc. set up for the new user. This process can take several hours or more than a day.
  • With WVD: When an employee leaves, their data can be transferred to another user and their account deleted. You can have virtual desktop setups saved by department so a new user would get a new virtual desktop that’s setup and ready to go in just minutes.

Improved Security

When data is being stored on virtual desktops, that data is kept in a single secure place that you can access, rather than spread across multiple physical devices.

Deploying companywide security policies across all WVDs is simple and you can ensure consistency with things like security patches and updates being applied as they should.

Microsoft makes security a priority for their cloud services in a number of ways, including:

  • They invest over USD 1 billion annually on cybersecurity R&D
  • They have more than 3,500 security experts dedicated to their platform security
  • Microsoft Azure has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider

Get Help Upgrading to Virtual Desktops from Managed IT Asia

A migration from physical workstations to virtual desktops can be faster and easier than you may think. Managed IT Asia can help your small business make the transition to WVD to improve your operations and reap the cost-saving benefits.

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