While ransomware runs rampant and supply chain attacks are on the rise, companies are investing in tools that will help them fortify their network security. This includes tools like firewalls and zero-trust tactics, like application safelisting, among many others. One important tool that should not be discounted is employee security awareness training. Employees are on the front line when it comes to phishing, credential theft, and data security. In fact, about 85% of data breaches involve a human element. When people don’t know how to check an email for a scam or what best practices should be used to avoid having their password stolen, they make mistakes. These mistakes cost organisations millions of dollars per year. The average cost of human errors in cybersecurity breaches is estimated to be US$3.33 million (S$4.6 million) One of the challenges small businesses face is trying to operate their business and keep employees trained in security awareness. A once-per-year review of phishing detection skills is not usually sufficient to empower your team to be security-aware. A great way to keep your team well-trained without needing to invest your own time and energy is to have your training done by your managed IT provider. We can do the heavy lifting of security awareness training for you and ensure your team is in top shape to help you defend against cyber threats.  Here are some of the reasons to hand over employee cybersecurity training to your IT service partner.

Ensures Training is Delivered Regularly

When companies handle security awareness training on their own, they often don’t provide it enough to give them the benefit they’re looking for. Doing it even every 6-months can lead to employees forgetting what they’ve learned. In a study on information retention versus training frequency, it was found that four months was the sweet spot. Employees were tested at training intervals of every 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 months, and it was found that after four months, they continued to perform well in simulated phishing tests. But that at six months and after, they performed increasingly worse as time went by. Having your IT provider provide employee security awareness training can ensure that training is being provided as often as it should be.

They Can Reference Real Life Situations

IT providers have seen it all as far as good and poor cybersecurity practices. Their knowledge can bring a practical element to training and make it more relevant to trainees. They will be speaking to real situations where breaches or malware infections happened and can point to any related elements of human error that connect to a topic they’re discussing.

They Have Knowledge of the Latest Threats

Technology services providers need to keep up with all the latest threats facing their customers. This makes training timely and ensures that important new threats are covered. If you’re training based on free resources you find online, these could be very generic and outdated. They may not warn employees of the newest tactics being used in phishing attacks.

To Have a Mix of Training Delivery Methods

People learn in different ways; thus IT professionals will typically provide training in various ways. Not all training needs to be an in-person seminar, and it’s actually better for retention if it’s not.  Instead, several different security awareness methods will be used for a more robust training program. These include:

  • In-person training
  • Virtual webinar
  • On-demand security videos
  • Cybersecurity posters
  • Tips that can be used in company newsletters 
  • Phishing simulations 
  • Team sharing forums on data security challenges

They Know Your Company’s Security & Compliance Needs

Your IT provider will know your company’s distinct needs when it comes to data security regulations you need to comply with and security policies in place in your SaaS tools. This makes training much more customised, so employees are getting advice on mitigation that’s specific to their applications and requirements.

They Can Answer Difficult Employee Questions

When companies are providing their own security awareness training, they may not be able to answer difficult employee questions about cybersecurity. Or worse, they may answer them wrong. IT security is vital to company health and wellbeing, and it’s not something you want to get wrong. Employees need to be armed with accurate information, and an IT pro can do that.

Well-Trained Employees Can Reduce Cyberattack Risk 45-70%

Why invest in employee security awareness training? Because it significantly reduces your risk of falling victim to a costly data breach, ransomware attack, or account takeover through a weak password. Employees that are well-trained in cybersecurity awareness can reduce a company’s risk of falling victim to an attack by between 45% to 70%.

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