Let’s come clean with it – the technology competition is fierce, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Historically, smaller businesses could not use the same caliber of on-premises tools, as larger businesses were the only ones that could fund extensive IT infrastructures. However, the cloud effectively evens the tech field by enabling businesses of all sizes to save data remotely rather than locally, and pay as they go. Cloud services mean computing on demand over the internet instead of local servers. Many organizations now use cloud services, whether it is for using office programs like Office 365 or basic e-commerce.   ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) have traditionally been handled on private servers, but in recent years, businesses are increasingly moving towards cloud solutions. To back up this assentation is a report by Statista, which states that about 94% of small businesses have been using cloud services in storing their data as of 2019. You can conduct extended business operations on a less costly scale while enhancing service quality thanks to cloud services. In reality, cloud-hosted computers assist in making your company and IT simpler, quicker, safer, and more effective. This article will highlight and discuss eight reasons small businesses should move from on-premises to cloud services.  

Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Cloud Services

Below are eight reasons why small businesses should implement cloud services for data storage and backup:

Enhanced data security

Cloud storage is often encrypted. Due to this, it is more secure than traditional hosting options. Furthermore, cloud hosting businesses can cope with the most recent cybersecurity risks because cloud technology gets modified consistently and is newer than conventional data centers, although off-site systems are more vulnerable. Additionally, because cloud hosting providers offer various alternatives, such as tokenization, firewalls, and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), businesses don’t need to worry much about internal security.  

It helps to boost cash flow

Businesses can considerably lower capital expenditure if they don’t have to pay for servers and infrastructure. Organizations have two options for distributing their software; transition to a complete SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model or host their software using dedicated cloud-based servers.  In a nutshell, you rent software and servers at little cost. That makes cloud services very affordable because you can scale them up or down to meet your needs.

Remote access 

Any device can access cloud infrastructure, software, and services from anywhere. Your team can easily be deployed more frequently; at the workplace, at home, on the client’s premises, or in the field. Workers can use technology that best suits their work culture thanks to cloud services, which provide secure, uninterrupted access to a desktop or mobile device. With the help of a single network and the corporate apps they want, people can collaborate professionally wherever and whenever. They can now access real-time information and accurate analysis without a location or time problem.   


The old saying “knowledge is power” has evolved into a more current and realistic form, “data is money,” as the world evolves into a contactless form.  There are vast amounts of priceless, usable information concealed within the billions of data bits surrounding your transaction and company processes just aching to be found and used. Of course, if you aren’t authorized to access the appropriate cloud solution, sorting through that information to identify these units will be very challenging. For a better picture of your information, several cloud-based storage options provide integrated cloud insights. You can quickly implement tracking systems and create customized reports to analyze information across your entire organization when your data is saved using cloud services. Also, you can make action plans and boost efficiencies to achieve organizational goals using those insights.  

It helps businesses have a competitive advantage

It’s crucial to take action and stay caught up in the game, given the rate of technological advancement and the high predicted level of economic activity of cloud services. Businesses need a competitive advantage in today’s highly demanding global economy. Companies that do not use technology have limited room to grow. By implementing cloud-based services, you can increase your business’s overall development and productivity and obtain insight from data that you might not have previously paid attention to or be inaccessible to you.  


Collaboration across the organization will improve with real-time access to information when all users are accessible to the same platform from any location. The best solution to maximize contacts amongst employees is by using cloud services, which are flexible and scalable for data storage.  

Data backup and recovery made easy

Unforeseen circumstances, power outages, or hardware malfunctions at any moment can all lead to significant data loss, which can ruin businesses. Critical information is kept secure and accessible when a business stores and backs up its data using cloud services.  

Faster deployments

The time it takes to create new programs or transfer current applications into cloud-based services is minimized because there is no need to develop complex internal systems and server configurations. Because cloud services can be set up quickly, installations can be completed more rapidly and affordably. Now may be the ideal time to transfer your critical business operations to the cloud due to its advantages and the benefit of minimizing risk by not controlling and operating your internal systems.  

Move from On-Premises to Cloud Services with Managed IT Asia

A business owner, especially a small business owner, must engage a reliable source and fully understand the cloud-based solution before making the appropriate cloud investment. Like any asset, one must thoroughly research the advantages and disadvantages before making a choice. Although adopting new technology might not be simple, it can be very beneficial when done properly. Let us become your IT partner and include us in the decision-making process for your cloud services. You can reach out to us today!

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