When you’re a small business owner, you’re often balancing your budget with your needs. You may try to do as much yourself as possible because you feel it’s saving your business money. But there are some aspects of your business that can actually cost you more if you don’t work with a professional.

One of these is IT management, which has become synonymous with business operations.

Today’s companies rely on their technology for just about every area of their operations. If it’s not running well, then neither is their business. When you handle something as important as your technology infrastructure yourself, it can leave your business at risk of an IT security incident and at risk of productivity losses.

In a recent study of Singapore small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), it was found that those who fully embraced technology and had their IT running efficiently expected revenue improvement of 26% and an overall cost savings of 22%. The best way to lower your costs and run your business more efficiently is to outsource your IT management to a managed IT services provider.

Ways that a Managed IT Services Provider Can Save Your Small Business Money

The value of managed IT services is that you get multiple bundled services in one plan. This includes security protections, productivity-enhancing maintenance, and timely tech support. For example, some of the benefits of a small business IT plan from Managed IT Asia include:

  • 24/7 monitoring of managed equipment
  • Unlimited telephone, email, remote, and on-site support
  • Active preventative maintenance
  • Patch and update management
  • 3rd party vendor management (ISP, hardware, etc.)
  • Network management
  • and much more!

Here is how your small business can save money by outsourcing your IT management.

Proactive Device Maintenance

The cost of each unmanaged business computer is approximately S$6,800. This is because of things like downtime and lost user productivity from slower and more problematic computers. Part of the benefit you receive by outsourcing managed IT services to a professional IT provider is that we keep business workstations well maintained, which reduces additional costs associated with unmaintained equipment.

Reduce Cybersecurity Risks and Costs

The average cost of a data breach for an organization in Singapore is S$1.7 million. Just one ransomware infection or breach of client data can cause a small business to have to close their doors for good. There are multiple moving parts to cybersecurity. You have to worry about the security of:

  • Cloud accounts
  • Computers
  • Mobile devices
  • Remote employees
  • Files & emails
  • Network

Managed IT service providers are well versed in all aspects of cybersecurity and can ensure you have several protective layers in place, including things like endpoint security, network protection, and managed antivirus/anti-malware. Working with a professional for your IT management greatly reduces your risk of a data breach or successful malware attack.

Improve Worker Productivity

Productivity losses can sneak up on a business and go undetected, but they’re a very real cost. If employees are struggling with computer issues an average of 25 minutes a day each, then a small business with 20 employees could be losing over 41 hours per week in productivity (the equivalent of another whole full-time employee). There are several ways that outsourcing to a managed IT provider can improve worker productivity, thus saving you money. These include:

  • Fast tech support so they’re not struggling with computer issues
  • Automated updates that happen behind the scenes
  • PC optimization to keep workstations fast and efficient
  • Protections like email filtering to keep spam and phishing out of user inboxes

Improve Equipment Lifespan

It’s important for small businesses to get as much usable life out of their technology hardware as possible. The longer your equipment can perform, the better your return on investment. When computers, servers, and other hardware are well maintained by an IT provider, they have a longer usable lifespan because any potential issues are addressed before they impact the equipment performance.

Workflow Optimisation & Automations

Managed IT provider’s work with many different types of companies. We know the best SaaS tools to use and how to set up automated workflows that are optimized to help your team do more in less time. When you try to handle IT yourself, you miss out on the expert guidance and benefit that an IT provider can add to your company. By using IT to improve your workflows, we can improve how your business runs on a daily basis. You also get to focus on your business instead of putting out “IT fires” all day when you have a relationship with a managed IT service provider, which allows you the support you need for forward motion.

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