The technology environment of today is in the cloud. The cloud has gone from being a new phenomenon to the standard way that businesses need to set up operations to be resilient and flexible. 

For any latecomers that were not yet using cloud processes at the beginning of last year, the lessons of the pandemic quickly changed all that. Companies found out they could be forced to operate remotely with little notice, and without a cloud infrastructure, they could be out of business.

With the transition to a completely virtual business in many cases, some business owners have wondered if they still need to keep their managed services for devices and networks, with so much of what they do in the cloud. The short answer is that managed IT services are still as vital as ever, and here’s why.

Devices Are Needed to Use the Cloud

While all your business data and work processes may be in the cloud, you still need efficient computers and mobile devices to reach them and use the cloud effectively. There are no cloud keyboards, you need a physical device just as much as before to access data and applications. The only difference is that they’re now being housed on a cloud server rather than your PC’s hard drive. Through managed IT services, devices are kept efficient and optimized through regular maintenance and PC health monitoring. This means your devices avoid unnecessary downtime and the associated costs.

Cyber Security Support Is Vital

IT security needs to be deployed throughout your entire technology ecosystem, not just in a cloud application. Managed IT services include multiple system security safeguards that keep your endpoints, network, and syncing cloud platforms more secure. The average cost of a data breach to Singaporean businesses is $1.7 million. Some of the device safeguards available through Managed IT Asia’s managed support and managed IT security solutions include:

  • Operating system patch and update management
  • Secure virtual private network (VPN)
  • Managed antivirus updates & patches
  • 24×7 remote monitoring for any threats
  • Firewall optimization and patch management
  • Router & network security

User Get Unlimited Tech Support (onsite, phone, remote)

No matter whether users are working with on-premises technology or cloud technology, they’re going to run into IT issues that stop them in their tracks, which is a drag on your company’s productivity. If employees struggle with computer problems for just 25 minutes on average per day, that adds up to approximately 108 hours (2.7 weeks) in lost productivity each year. When you sign up for managed services through Managed IT Asia, you gain vital help and support to keep your entire office productive. Instead of having to struggle with setting up an email account or trying to connect data to a new cloud application, your team can get fast help from a friendly expert. Our managed IT services include:

  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Unlimited On-Site Support
  • Enhanced Response Time for Critical Faults
  • Guaranteed SLA

You Can Better Optimise Your Use of the Cloud

Many businesses are finding that they’re wasting money with an inefficient use of the cloud. The Blissfully 2020 Annual SaaS Trends Report found the following concerning data:

  • Cloud waste has doubled year over year
  • Cloud churn is approximately 30% per year
  • Companies are using an average of 3.6 duplicate apps

Managed IT support isn’t only about your hardware and on-premises technology, we can also help you with optimizing your use of the cloud by eliminating redundancies, streamlining your platform’s use, and putting time-saving integrations and automation in place.

Customized Solutions That Cover Your Entire Technology Environment

If you think managed IT services are just limited to patch management and backups, you should take another look at what we offer at Managed IT Asia. Our managed IT support services are elastic and can handle as few or as many needs as you may have. They’re also designed to grow as your business grows. You can choose from a wide variety of support areas, all of which include multiple solutions for one affordable flat rate. Our main managed IT service categories are:

  • Workstation Management
  • Network Management
  • Server Management
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • General Client Services Management
  • 3rd Party & External Vendor Management

One Easily Budgeted IT Bill

Without managed IT support, you can have unexpected breakdowns and high IT costs coming anytime. Then, if you need emergency support, it’s going to cost you a premium. You save money when using managed IT support because you have just one predictable IT bill monthly that covers everything you need to keep your technology running smoothly and your employees productive.

Design Your Custom Managed IT Strategy Today!

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