When it comes to backup and recovery, most Singapore businesses understand the importance of making a backup copy of all the files that reside on their computers and servers. 

But with much of a company’s data is now located in cloud productivity platforms like G Suite and Microsoft 365, and many businesses haven’t included those in any backup plan. They often have a false sense of security that the data is somehow being backed up “somewhere” automatically. But that isn’t the case. 32% of surveyed companies have lost data from a cloud application. It’s just as important to have a backup solution for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications as it is for your computers. Otherwise, your data could be at risk. One of the best tools that we recommend to backup platforms like Microsoft 365 and G Suite is Datto SaaS Protection.

Here’s Why it’s Important to Back Up Your SaaS Platforms

Syncing Issues Can Cause Data Loss

Cloud storage in apps like Google Drive and OneDrive is designed to sync with your computer and serve up “live” files that are always the latest version. This is not the same as a file backup, which takes a snapshot of files in time. When you are syncing files between your computer and a cloud storage account, a hardware issue or internet problem can cause syncing issues that can cause your cloud storage to not capture recent updates. Files can also accidentally be deleted if you have a hard drive crash and syncing isn’t handled correctly.

Datto SaaS Protection Makes it Easy to Restore Files

One of the most important features of any backup and recovery system is the ability to quickly restore lost or corrupted files. The longer a business is down trying to recover files, the more it’s costing them. Forty-five percent of Singapore businesses have experienced unplanned downtime within the last year, and the average cost is $463,000 per incident. One of the features of Datto SaaS protection is that it can quickly restore files like emails, documents, and even conversations in messaging programs to minimize downtime costs.

Files in SaaS Platforms Can Be Deleted or Overwritten

Users can accidentally delete or overwrite files in cloud platforms. Because these are live files, they’re meant to be updated so users can always have access to the most current copy. Unfortunately, this leaves them at risk of accidents, and files can be lost forever due to a user error if they’re not backed up separately in a SaaS backup tool.

Backup Everything – Not Just Files

Today’s cloud platforms like G Suite and Microsoft 365 hold more than just digital documents. There are conversation threads in apps like Microsoft Teams, emails, calendars, groups, and more. Datto SaaS Protection backs up all of this additional data as well as your documents. This provides complete protection and peace of mind that ALL your SaaS data can be restored as needed.

Maintain Control of Your Data, Even in Outages

One problem with relying completely on a SaaS service is that they inevitably have outages. This means that you can be without critical data that you may need for an unknown period of time. You have complete control of your SaaS data when you use Datto to back it up outside the SaaS service. So even if there is an outage or any type of hardware error by the provider, you have a complete copy of all your vital data.

Protection from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware doesn’t only attack on-premises data, it can also corrupt data stored in cloud tools. This means if you don’t have a backup of your data, you may end up having to roll the dice and pay the ransomware attacker, hoping they’ll give you back access to your data. Backing up your SaaS platforms in a cloud account backup program ensures business continuity and IT security and keeps you protected from ransomware and other malware that can infect cloud storage.

Cloud Services Have Differing Data Retention Policies

Depending upon where you store your data in a SaaS platform, a different data retention policy may apply. This means that you may end up losing historical data that you need for legal or archive purposes if you’re unaware of a data retention deadline for emails or deleted accounts. When you backup your data separately, you have full control over how long you keep it and don’t have to worry about data being purged from a cloud system without you realizing it.

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