Many small business owners start out trying to keep costs as low as possible, but they can end up undercutting themselves and hurting their company’s chances of solid growth. 

If you’ve been taking care of your computers and tech on an ad-hoc basis and just getting things fixed when something goes wrong, you’re not actually saving money… in the long run, it’s costing you in productivity, emergency repairs, and potential lost business.

If your network goes offline or your computer crashes and it takes you two hours to get back up and running again, guess what? You’ve just lost on average $20,000! The average cost for an hour of downtime for a small business is $10,000. 

Small businesses that aren’t using Managed IT Services, which takes a proactive approach to maintenance and security, run the risk of experiencing more downtime, more security problems, and more frustration. You can’t keep running your business with a “wait and see if it breaks” approach if you want to get ahead, because most of the systems we rely on every day are entirely dependent upon our technology.

Making the Change to Better IT Management

The easiest and most cost-efficient way for a small business owner to ensure their office technology runs smoothly with less downtime is to sign up for a Managed IT Services package. They offer an easy flat rate monthly fee that covers all areas of your technology needs from continuous monitoring to tech support and more. Working with a trusted IT provider (like Managed IT Asia) also offers the benefit of ensuring your office is optimized and making full use of your digital tools. In a study by Deloitte, it was found that digitally advanced small businesses had several advantages over their competitors, including:

  • They experience year over year revenue growth 4x as high
  • They earned 2x as much revenue per employee
  • Their average growth rate was over 6x as high

What are the cost-saving benefits to your small business when you switch from a “break/fix” mentality to proper IT management?

Proactive Prevention

Managed IT services are focused on preventing problems from happening in the first place and keeping your technology in top shape. This greatly reduces the chance of costly downtime and improves productivity by keeping systems in excellent operating condition. Services include regularly scheduled maintenance to help increase equipment lifespan and ensure you known well ahead of time before hardware will need to be replaced.

Proactive Monitoring

Often systems show signs of problems well before downtime occurs, but if your devices, server, and network aren’t being regularly monitored, that means you’ll never see a crash coming. We do proactive monitoring that is 24/7, just like a protective sentry that never sleeps. We keep a watchful eye on all your systems so we can prevent any problems, proactively, before they have a chance to cause you any lost business.

Reactive Support

How many hours does your team spend a week trying to fix a computer issue on their own? That’s lost productivity, and it could be costing you quite a bit of money without you even realizing it. The average office worker spends 22 minutes of their day dealing with IT related issues. If you had just 15 employees and add that up over 4 weeks (assuming a 5-day work week), that’s a total of 110 hours wasted each month because you don’t have IT support. (If employees make $12/hour the loss would be $1,320/month.) Our reactive support means you have expert IT help the moment you need it and it’s unlimited! That means you can email or call us as many times as you like, and we can either help you in seconds remotely or come for an on-site visit.

Predictable Monthly Costs

When you’re not properly taking care of your technology, you can easily get hit with unexpected costs related to breakdowns and IT services that you weren’t anticipating. Usually when you’ve lost use of a server, network, or other vital system, you’re also paying a premium to get it back up and running as fast as possible. When your business technology is covered by a managed IT plan, you know exactly what your tech-related costs will be each month, with no surprises, and can budget accordingly with those locked-in costs.

Improved Security

It can be difficult for a small business owner to ensure all their employees are keeping their computers and software updated with vital security patches and updates. Often people are busy focusing on the task at hand and they click “later” on those operating system and other updates, which puts your business at risk of a data breach. An IT maintenance plan includes patch and update management and other things like operating system advanced optimization, so you can sleep easy knowing your systems are secure and always up to date.

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