Isn’t it frustrating when the message appears for you to install updates?

You just sat down, full of enthusiasm for the day ahead, only to be told there is a need to update.

So what do you do?

If you are like most, you will sweep it away and asked to be reminded later.

Nothing is going to stop you from tackling that to-do list now!

But when? Tomorrow?

The next day?

The day after?

Next week?

Delaying an update is exposing yourself to much greater risk. Not only do updates and maintenance ensure that you are working on the most current versions of the application, but they also keep your machine protected against the latest malware and threats.

In reality, your IT service provider should be taking care of your updates and scheduling regular maintenance, keeping things up to date, and not relying on your schedule.

If your current IT service provider doesn’t have a proactive mechanism to keep your workstations up-to-date, keeping your workstations protected against the latest malware and threats, perhaps its time for a review.

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