Windows 11 is officially out and being rolled out now through the mid-next year to compatible Windows 10 devices. It’s a “friendly” update that isn’t as dramatic as the switch from Windows 7 to 10, yet still packs quite a few efficiency upgrades. Businesses planning to upgrade at some point to Windows 11, may want to do so sooner rather than later because of two key reasons:

  • Because the new OS is not drastically different from Windows 10, users won’t need to rethink their entire workflow.
  • The new features added are all about doing more in less time and boosting productivity.

While there are still about 4 years left before Windows 10 loses vital security support, you don’t want to wait too long to upgrade to the newer OS. The longer you wait, the more risk there is of falling behind other companies that have already upgraded and running into compatibility issues with new software and app updates. Here are some of the most exciting new enhancements you’ll see when upgrading your business to Windows 11 Pro.

Snap Layouts for Easier Multi-Window Work

Most users have workflows where at some point, they need to reference more than one window. They may be looking up research on a website and entering that into a PowerPoint or using Excel with a list of keywords while writing an SEO-optimised webpage.  Keeping both apps open at the same time is often difficult because you must try to arrange both the windows to fit and may lose sight of the scroll bar. Switching back and forth between app windows is also time-consuming. 68% of surveyed employees say that app switching costs them at least 30 minutes per day. Windows 11 solves this dilemma with its new snap layouts function. Just hover over an icon at the top of any window and you’ll be presented with pre-configured windows layouts. Add your windows to the layout and they’re optimized to be open on the screen with scroll bars available.

Better Focus with Simpler and More Intuitive Start Menu

The busy Start menu of Windows 10 has been replaced with a more intuitive and streamlined menu that is designed to help you find what you need faster. You can pin your most-used apps to the top of the Start menu and use the master search bar at the top to find settings, documents, apps, and more.

Connect Via Chat, Video & Audio from the Taskbar in Seconds

One of the biggest additions is the native integration of Microsoft Teams on the taskbar. This makes it simple for anyone to open a chat, video meeting, or audio call with anyone through Teams, and you don’t even need to open the app first. With virtual meetings being a normal part of the post-pandemic office, this addition can save valuable minutes when starting meetings and can encourage remote teams to connect more often because it’s so easy. Some of the features of this new Teams/Windows 11 integration include:

  • Ability to text anyone from your desktop (they do not have to be a Teams user)
  • Share documents during a meeting right from the desktop
  • Call and chat easily while working in another window
  • Mute and unmute from the taskbar

Easier IT Management Due to Built-in App Consistency

Windows 11 is designed to make IT management easier through app consistency and cloud management compatibility.  So, even if users are working from different types of computers, if all those devices are running Windows 11, then the management experience will be the same as far as security updates, software upgrades, and more.

Manage Updates & More from the Cloud

The significant increase in remote employees due to COVID-19 has complicated managing remote devices. It’s no longer feasible to manage them all in person, yet they still need to be kept updated and secured. Windows 11 provides the capability to manage devices from a cloud interface. This includes easily approving, scheduling, and monitoring Windows Update content remotely for updates, drivers, and firmware. There is also an enhanced Windows Autopilot to support a hybrid workforce, which includes a zero-touch deployment. 

Hardware-based Protection Out of the Box

Attacks on device firmware have been rising over the last few years, which has driven developers to integrate more firmware protections. Firmware is the software that instructs hardware components how to operate, and historically, this has been one of the less transparent layers of a PC. Windows 11 has a strong alignment between hardware and software to increase data security and keep devices better protected.

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