Much of a company’s value and livelihood is held within its data. This includes data on customers, customer projects, product and service collateral, accounting entries, and much more. We’ve become used to searching in a cloud storage folder based on a keyword instead of physically looking in filing cabinets for a paper file.

The digital world is much more efficient and accessing files and sharing them has become easier. But there is one disadvantage. It’s more difficult for paper files to be accidentally deleted or infected with ransomware or a virus. But when it comes to digital files, they’re subject to all sorts of potentially catastrophic incidents.

Does this mean everyone should go back to the old paper files in rooms full of filing cabinets? Not quite! What it means is that digital files need to have special protections taken to ensure they’re always retrievable, no matter what may happen.

Having a good backup and disaster recovery platform is vital to business continuity and ensuring your digital files are safe and retrievable. Just one data loss incident can cause major disruptions and cause some small businesses in Singapore and elsewhere to have to close their doors for good if they haven’t properly prepared.

36% of Singapore businesses reported losing revenue due to unexpected downtime, including data loss and associated recovery.

Benefits of a Managed IT Asia Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

Data loss can’t always be prevented, despite best efforts, and the costs from associated downtime and lost customers can seriously damage a small business and endanger business continuity. Some of the common ways that data loss occurs include:

  • Natural or manmade disaster
  • Hard drive crash
  • Ransomware or other malware attacks
  • Data breach
  • Accidental deletion
  • Data being overwritten
  • Malicious deletion
  • Cloud service syncing problem

Managed IT Asia helps small businesses avoid the devastating consequences of data loss through solutions like Datto ALTO, a small and powerful business continuity, and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution. The advantages or working with us to protect your vital business data include the following.

Backups are Verified

When is the last time you checked your backup? The average failure rate for backing up all business data correctly is 75%. It’s so high because users often don’t check backups regularly. Backups can stop for many reasons, such as:

  • User accidentally shuts it off
  • Software glitch
  • Running out of space
  • Backup doesn’t restart as it should after a reboot
  • User is logged out somehow, turning off their PC’s backup

When you use managed backup services, your backups are all verified regularly, so any potential issue is found immediately and can be rectified. So, you’re assured all data is backing up successfully at all times.

Fast Recovery Operations

Some companies that have a backup copy of their data, still end up paying a ransom when attacked with ransomware. This is because the backup software they use has a long and complicated recovery process and they can’t afford the additional downtime. The Datto ALTO BCDR solution is designed for fast recovery of your data where and when you need it, so you’re able to get back up and running quickly after a data loss incident.

Automatic Ransomware Scanning

Cybercrime makes up 26% of all crimes in Singapore and one that is rising is ransomware. Attacks are now being carried out by sophisticated criminal cartels and a new twist that’s being added to the demand for a ransom is extortion (the hacker threatens to release sensitive data). Datto ALTO backups are automatically scanned for ransomware, meaning you won’t have to worry that an infected computer is going to infect your backup as well.  This offers a significant safeguard, because you know that you’ll always have a clean backup to restore, even if the system backing up becomes infected.

Comprehensive & Tailored Process

When you work with Managed IT Asia for your business continuity and disaster recovery needs, we’re not just going to fit you into a “cookie-cutter” solution. Our backup and recovery solutions are tailored according to your needs. Our comprehensive process includes:

  • Sitting down with you to understand your business requirements
  • Offering expert guidance and advice based on experience and best practices
  • Well talk you through and manage the entire process from the first backup
  • We monitor all your backup schedules
  • We are there when you need us with free help desk support

Free Help Desk Support & Recovery Assistance

Whether you have a question about a backup or have had a data loss incident and need help recovering your data, we are there for you. We offer free help desk support and help recovering files (no additional charge for file recovery, unlike some other providers.) We’re also a local company, meaning we can come onsite when needed and you know you’ll be able to reach us during normal Singapore working hours.

Protect Your Company’s Future With a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan

Managed IT Asia can help you with a customized and cost-efficient business continuity and disaster recovery plan that keeps your data protected. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Call +65 6748 8776 or reach us online.

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