“Downtime costs money.”

That’s no secret, but it doesn’t quite capture the whole experience. Imagine the following:

Monday Morning ...

You arrive at work in the morning, grab your cup of coffee and are ready to dive in for what is going to be a long tiring day.

But … for some unknown reason the computer can’t access the company database.

You look around and call you to your colleague and she responds

“Mine also cannot!”

Both of you stare at each other wondering what to do. At this time, you hear another colleague call out

“Is the server down?”

You know clients calls will come in any minute and without the company server and database, you won’t be able to provide any quotes and stock status to your clients!!!

Desperate, you work over the server and press the reset button. Flashing lights come up and an error screen comes up!

Your hands are completely tied…and now the server is beeping furiously…what’s going on??!

You’re not just in crisis mode, you’re on damage control as you call every tech you can think of, trying to find one who can come NOW. IMMEDIATELY NOW …

Not exactly the day that you have planned.

The break/fix days are gone

Previously, businesses only addressed their IT needs when something broke. A few hours down meant little in the scope of things.

BUT in today’s fast world, businesses rely heavily on IT and downtime just isn’t an option. Even the legalities of simply restoring financial, legal or medical files after a breach raises issues.

How Can Managed Services Help?

Simply put, your IT services are remotely monitored and proactively managed by a professional, external business. Your Managed IT Service Provider runs regular diagnostics on equipment to identify impending failure and resolves problems before they happen.

Benefits of managed IT services

Small to medium businesses in particular benefit from managed IT services, because they don’t usually have an on-site technician to oversee the multiple systems in use. By subscribing to a managed IT service provider, businesses can have reduced labor costs, access to a knowledge base, future-pacing, better data security and reduced downtime. Businesses can also know exactly what their upcoming costs are and plan accordingly.

Features of a typical managed IT service provider program

Remote support – This allows the managed IT service provider to help you quickly without needing to be on-site

Hardware monitoring – This allows the managed IT service provider to monitor your servers and workstations to catch hardware failures before they happen

Managed anti-virus – The managed IT service provider makes sure that your anti-virus is up to date and will take immediate action if an infection or any error occurs

Patch management – The managed IT service provider will make sure your computer’s operating system is up to date, closing access to known vulnerabilities as soon as possible

How much down time can your business afford?

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