Microsoft Teams is a platform for online collaboration that enables team members to work together effectively and efficiently. Microsoft Teams, included in the Microsoft 365 subscription, is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac, allowing remote communication across practically all mobile devices and desktops. Microsoft Teams has over 145 million daily users (as of April 2021). Many businesses have already begun to use Microsoft Teams as a communication and collaboration tool. The Covid-19 epidemic increased this, as did the requirement to work from home or other remote areas. And Microsoft Teams was the platform of choice for this. From a technological standpoint, there is little to prevent you from utilizing it; you only need a license, a web browser/installable client, and some assistance. Teams in Microsoft is an effective tool for promoting cross-functional or even cross-organizational communication. Nonetheless, its openness raises concerns about uncontrolled file and data exchange among an infinite number of users. This collaborative platform has proven to be a lifesaver for teams working remotely as a communication and sharing tool. However, MS Teams, like other sharing and collaboration platforms, have various security weaknesses that must be identified and addressed by security and IT teams. Below, we will discuss what Microsoft Teams is, its advantages, a few methods to utilize teams in Microsoft, and (importantly) tips for properly securing it.

What Precisely is Microsoft Teams?

Teams may serve as an alternative to — or even replace — email conversations altogether. Still, it also links workers and their apps more generally, especially for remote workers. Consider it a “digital translation of an open office space,” as a Microsoft official described it.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has emerged as the fastest-growing software in Microsoft history, with over 330,000 enterprises globally utilizing it since its launch. Suppose you work for one of these firms. In that case, you’re undoubtedly discovering new ways to utilize the app regularly. But if you aren’t, here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy from using Microsoft teams.

  • Teams Enable you to Interact More Effectively

Microsoft Team’s interactive features allow you to focus on the flow of work rather than transactional communications and meetings.

  • Teams Keep Everyone Up To Date

It is more important than ever now for firms to keep employees informed and on the same page—regardless of where they work. Microsoft Teams software enables you to communicate with colleagues more efficiently.

How To Utilise Microsoft Teams

Virtual communication software like Microsoft Teams is critical to ensuring that your team remains connected even if they are hundreds of miles apart. However, this can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the software. When you set up a team in MS Teams, automatically also make a SharePoint site, a OneNote notebook, and an Office 365 group. These backend functions are accessed through teams.  Launching the Teams interface, You should become acquainted with the app bar on the left-hand side. This section contains your alerts, discussions, teams you’re a part of, and files you can access. Meetings from the Outlook calendar are linked with Teams to keep you organized. When you click the Teams button, you’ll know which teams a certain user belongs to. Within a team, many channels may exist. Channels are unique sections inside teams where you may organize discussions and files. Users can create fresh channels or hide the channels they don’t want to see. Other tabs to choose from within the channel include discussions, notes, files, etc. Files are the SharePoint site’s directory where you may access or include files. You may join tabs from other resources, like CRM, via integrations. MS Teams need Office 365 authorization to be installed. Those with a business license can utilize guest access to invite others to their Teams channels. Teams may be used on any device. Hence, you should install teams on all devices used to access business files.

Tips for Properly Securing MS Teams in Microsoft 365

Even if you have correctly set up the essential Office 365 security settings, there is still work to be done to ensure that your Teams system is safe. The following tips will help in securing your Microsoft teams properly.

Limitation of Guest Access

You may limit the degree of access allowed to guest users by configuring the Guest access settings in the Teams admin area. It’s probably a good idea to deny guest access by default or enable it with minimum rights. Because customers are often allowed guest access, you may wish to limit their access to capabilities such as video conferencing and screen sharing.

Regulate Applications

We can enhance the functions of Teams by adding other applications. Some apps are hosted by Microsoft, while some are by third-party partners, and businesses can even create their custom applications. Third-party programs, unsurprisingly, provide the largest security risk. Fortunately, managers may control which apps will be installed by going to the Manage tab in the Teams admin area. They can also adjust the permissions that determine which applications certain users can use.

Make use of multi-factor authentication

The adoption of multi-factor authentication significantly improves the security of user logins. Suppose you want to safeguard your system from phishing attempts that steal your employees’ credentials. In that case, this is undoubtedly one of the Microsoft Teams security best practices. Users must verify their credentials through a multi-authentication factor, such as a phone call, text message, or notification, and enter their username and password to log in.

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